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Some of the Testimonials from previous clients and colleagues.

“I enjoyed working with Martin he was a dynamic individual with great ideas and solutions to some very difficult and heated discussions. His ability to reach across to other companies and understand their perspective was a valuable asset to the FDA sub-team that we worked on together.”

Elizabeth Ernst, Executive Director

“Martin Lessem is an enthusiastic worker, proficient in the area of Regulatory Affairs. I have had the pleasure of working with Martin for three years at Ohm/Ranbaxy collaborating on several registries and REMs activities. 

In addition to being personable, Martin is an analytical thinker and takes the initiative in resolving issues that one would expect from a leader in pharmaceutical industry. I can state with confidence that he is a motivated, integrity driven and responsible individual. Martin will be an asset to whatever team or organization is fortunate to have him. ”

Burnett McKnight, Sr. Manager

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